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CarSwap Opens API for Collaborative Partnerships

CarSwap, the largest vehicle trading platform, has announced it is opening its API to select partners for collaborative purposes. Launched last October, CarSwap’s user vehicle listings are already in the tens of thousands and projected to exceed all U.S. classifieds platforms during 2018.

“Our platform has proven to be the easiest way for users to change from their current vehicle to their next, simply by swiping on cars they like and matching vehicle owners peer-to-peer or peer-to-dealer,”

Charity Swaps From Egg To Lotus

1egg1world, a charity that started with a single egg, and has transgressed to the acclaimed Lotus.

Josh and CJ from 1egg1world egg-static with their new purchase

The charity has achieved this in just 15 transactions; and bought the car with money raised from selling 60,000 rolls of ‘Who gives a crap’ toilet paper.

After hearing about CarSwap, the boys at 1egg1world jumped on the app, found the Lotus, and put through a cash offer.

BMW E60 M5 (2005-2010) – Used car review

The BMW M5 is BMW personified. Based on the executive 5-series sedan, the M5 has always been fast yet understated, agile yet comfortable, the automotive equivalent of Jekyll and Hyde.

Ever since the E28 M5 started frightening the pants off Ferrari drivers in 1985, the M5 has always had the reputation of a supercar slayer.

As I found out recently when I drove one, the E60 model is no different.

Powered by an epic Formula 1 derived 5-litre V10,